Welcome to my personal website, I'm Jose Carmona, graphic artist.
Here you will find information about my biography and more representative works.
I work on concepts, the synthesis of the face, body, urban, natural and virtual landscapes made from a simple, colorful and somewhat fun look with a conceptual touch.
My work is printed on canvas or high quality photographic paper. It is also available in digital format as NFTs.
Part of my work is dedicated to the exploration of other artistic languages with new digital techniques, always trying to incorporate some concept to the meaning of the work.
The techniques I use allow me to synthesize shapes and colors, the result is simple works with a special lighting exploring different types of themes and digital resources.
I currently have work exhibited at the Gallery 3 Punts in Barcelona and in the gallery Babel Arte in Murcia (Spain).

All the works on this website are for sale. Each work is numbered and belongs to a limited edition series, although there is also the possibility of acquiring unique pieces.
The formats and sizes indicated are approximate, if you are interested in any work in a particular size you can contact me through the form on this website, or Javier Cerezo of Babel Gallery, indicating your preferences and we will inform you of the availability and prices.
There are also available works in digital format as NFT .



These videos represent in a synthetic way the relationship between my daily life and Art